6 Ways to Design and Print a Flyer that Will Stand Out Among Others

Printed flyers can help to promote both small and large businesses in Australia. They should be part of your marketing strategy because they can be used to communicate with customers and inform them about new products or special offers. But due to the increasing number companies adopting flyer printing in Brisbane to promote their businesses, your flyer must be distinct from others. Here are some tactics and strategies you can use to make your printed flyers stand out.   Use a Bold Eye-Catching Headline Your flyer should have an attention-grabbing headline that will make the person reading it to look at the entire flyer and absorb your marketing message. Try to make the title short and succinct. But you may also use long headlines if your audience will take time to read it. As much as possible, let the title states the major benefit that the customer will gain if he acts on your offer.   Draw Attention to the Main Benefits of Your Product, Service or Event Make sure you use a section of the flyer to itemise and highlight benefits of your products or event. List the most important benefits that will get your audience to take action. Arrange them in order, placing the most important benefits at the top of the list. Use attractive bullets and graphical effects to draw attention to the list.   Choose Striking High Quality Graphics Your images are just as powerful as your headline. Most people will even spend more time looking at the images than they will spend reading your headline. So ensure that you use high quality HD photos.... read more

4 Reasons Why Printing in Brisbane CBD is a Viable Marketing Option

The increase in digital marketing has not reduced the effectiveness of print marketing in any way. In fact, marketing through printing in Brisbane CBD and other business hubs in major Australian cities has become a more authentic form of marketing. Now it is easier for businesses to engage their customers and build their brands due to the tactile nature of print marketing materials. Print marketing is a tested and proven method for engaging customers and it delivers a high return on investment. Here are some of the most important reasons why you should use printed materials to promote your business.   Print Marketing Has an Increasing Response Rate In the last decade, print marketing has experienced a high response rate. During the same period, email response rates have reduced considerably. Some savvy direct marketers and copywriters are even receiving higher response rates than what they experienced at the peak of print marketing over thirty years ago. The truth is that today, most consumers are bombarded with up to 100 emails every day and many of them are simply sent to their spam folder. On the other hand, printed newsletters and direct marketing materials are opened the same day they are received and they are kept for future reference.   Printed Direct Mail Has a High Return on Investment The return on investment you can get on direct mail is currently higher than other marketing channels. For various products, particularly consumer goods, returns could be in the ratio of 13:1 or 1300 percent return on investment. Direct mail beats the ROI you can get from affiliate marketing, or email marketing... read more

5 Easy Ways to Make More Profit With Your Business Card in Brisbane

Your business card is a vital part of your business identity. No matter how much we use social media and smartphones, a business card still serves as way to leave a lasting impression. But what happens after you give someone your business card? Do you receive a phone call, or a visit to your website? Here are some ways to improve the response you get when you give out business cards in Brisbane.   Print the Best Quality Card You Can Afford Avoid using cheap thin and flimsy business cards, they create a poor impression in the mind of the recipient. Instead, invest as much as you can in high quality durable stock cards. This will create a lasting impression and encourage anyone holding it to get in touch with you. Ensure that the card fits your brand and is appropriate for your professional field and the type of people you want to do business with you.   Design the Card to Make People Contact You Considering that a business card has very little space to place an advert, you must ensure that you design it to make people contact you. So hire a competent graphics designer that can help you to communicate your marketing message to anyone who reads it. You card should have all the information that is needed to prompt a prospect to take action that can be converted into sales.   Put a Well Stated Marketing Message on Your Card It is a common practice to put a nice sounding title on a business card. But putting “president”, “director” or even “CEO” on the business... read more

4 Irrevocable Benefits of Hiring Professional Printers in Brisbane

Outsourcing your company’s printing jobs may seem expensive initially. But after careful evaluation, you will discover that it is not. The relatively high cost of procuring ink and toners for your desktop printing machines makes in-house printing a very expensive option for bulk printing jobs or for printing in large format. If you need to print business cards, fliers, multi-part forms, or roll up banners, it is better to hire a printer. Here is a brief explanation of the main advantage of outsourcing jobs to printers in Brisbane.   High Quality of Printing Paper A great benefit of hiring a professional printer to produce your print brochures and other marketing materials is the unique and specialised materials that they usually use for each print job. The most important one is the quality and type of paper. Professional printers can use various grades and varieties of paper to create amazing effects that will make your printed materials stand out among those of your competitors. For instance, your print job can be done on matte, metallic or gloss paper which possess different types of colour, saturation and reflectiveness. Some of these types of paper are good for bright and attractive displays while others are better for dark and conservative colours. Printers know exactly what to use to achieve the type of effect you want your marketing materials to have on your target audience.   Superior Print Quality Printing done by professional printers in Brisbane cannot be compared to what you can do through the efforts of your in-house staff. Professionals have access to the state-of-the-art machines that produce higher resolutions and... read more

How to Use Print Brochures in Brisbane to Attract More Customers to Your Business

Many businesses have been using print brochures in Brisbane and other cosmopolitan Australian cities for direct marketing, long before the internet became a popular marketing channel. But with the number of brochures competing for the attention of your audience, how can you make your company’s brochure stand out? You can do this by creating a unique design with copy that resonates with your audience. If you intend to create a brochure that will improve your sales or announce the release of a new product, the following tips will help you to get a good response. Study and understand your customer Before you start planning your brochure, take time to study your target consumers. Find out what their needs are and why they would like to buy your product. You should know the most critical problem that your product will help them to solve. To get accurate information about your customers’ needs, you can take customer surveys and enquire from experienced sales people. Use proven copy writing techniques Expert copy writers follow a systematic writing method to grab the readers attention and lead them to take the desired action. A good example is AIDA, which stands for attention, interest, desire, and action. To make the desired impact on your audience, your copy should grab their attention early, then arouse and sustain their interest until they have a strong desire to purchase your product or service. Focus on the benefits your customers will gain from your products Ordinarily, customers will be more interested in their needs and how to satisfy them rather than your products or services. So you must write... read more

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